• Conductive fabric in white/gray diamond pattern, made of 87% polyester, 13% gray BASF Resistant (carbon) fibers woven right into the fabric.

  • Both sides of material are conductive with surface resistance of 10^5 Ohm per sq inch making it ideal for Earthing. Mat includes felt material insert as cushion for comfortable grounding. Great for Pets and fits medium size pet beds. Most of the winter our pets are stuck home without getting grounded, so they love our mats.

  • 15 feet grounding snap on/off cord made of 10 strands of COPPER wire with built-in 100K Ohm resistor for extra safety.

  • Can be used as Grounding Foot mat for Humans or as Pet bed. Get Grounded while watching TV, reading a book, under your PC desk with bare feet contact. Safe for kids / adults / pets.

  • Includes receptacle tester to validate outlet ground connection is safe.

  • Conductivity will hold up to 50 low-heat hand-washing. 

20x30 inches GREY Carbon-Fiber Grounding Conductive Mat

$44.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
    • The conductive sheet area of this mat is 20x30 inches.
    • This product does not include grounding rod for outside use and is intended for indoor use only. Stainless Steel grounding rod and 30 ft cord extension kit is sold separately.