• All natural grounding fabric with surface resistance of 10 Ohm per sq inch making it perfect material for Earthing

  • 2 simple ingredients: Cotton (96.5%) and pure Silver fibers (3.5%) which make a distinct grid pattern

  • Provides ~50% reduction of RF signals too

  • Standard size (20x28) pillowcase with 7 inch envelope cutout design for more comfortable sleep (no zippers)

  • 15 feet grounding snap on/off cord made of 10 strands of COPPER wire with built-in 100K Ohm resistor for extra safety.

  • Includes receptacle tester to validate outlet ground connection is safe.

  • Conductivity will hold up to 50 low-heat hand-washing. 


20x28 inches Cotton-Silver Grounding Standard Size Pillowcase

Color: White
  • This product does not include grounding rod for outside use and is intended for indoor use only. Stainless Steel grounding rod and 40 ft cord extension kit is sold separately.

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