Frequently asked questions

Soon after I started sleeping grounded I feel a bit strange. Is this normal?

Nowadays, people are completely detached from Earth and its vast electro-magnetic powers. As soon as you reconnect to earth, you may feel some temporary discomfort or even flu-like signs, pain or achiness. This maybe due to the result of a normalization of the body’s internal functions. As the process gets underway, the body’s ability to release accumulated toxicity may improve and you could feel that as transient discomfort. Typically, after some initial adjustment, you start feeling better and more energized. The feeling might last a few days at the most but it will go away. If you are uncomfortable, stop grounding yourself for several days and then begin again, starting with shorter exposure and gradually increasing it. In the majority of cases, no discomfort is felt at the beginning.

I started feeling tingling in my feet for the first few nights I’ve been sleeping grounded. Should I be concerned?

While everyone has different earthing experiences, most of the people will initially feel a warm, tingling sensation and often feelings of ease and well-being. Its attributed to improved blood circulation, re-energizing, re-synchronizing body rhythms due to Earth energy transfer into your body. This sensation usually deminishes and goes away after few sessions of Earthing.

I sleep grounded, but don’t feel anything. Does grounding work?

Earthing benefits everybody in some way, but we are all different and experience becomes very personal. The benefits can come quickly and dramatically, such as less pain and better sleep, or subtly and gradually over time. Often people who are very ill feel the difference most dramatically. Someone with radiant health and who sleeps well may not feel any difference, however, connecting to the Earth is helping to preserve and perpetuate good health. Think about Earthing as a natural, "silent healer".

I am highly electro sensitive. Sleeping grounded feels very uncomfortable. What do i do?

First of all, dont force anything. If it feels too uncomfortable, please stop sleeping grounded. The sensations you experience are generally part of an adjustment, healing and detoxification processes as the body normalizes and inflammation goes down. Re-start your grounding sessions by spending 10-15 minutes, twice a day barefoot outside or in contact with grounding sheet or mat. Then very slowly increase your exposure. In this way, you may often be able to work your way gradually to sleeping grounded for six to eight hours at night. Just go very slow and at your own pace. Some electro-sensitive people have found that they receive positive benefits just from minimum exposure to Earthing.

I started sleeping grounded and noticed that I feel warmer. What’s going on?

Contact with the Earth appears to create warmth in the extremities and body as a result of better blood circulation and relaxation.